India is famous as the spice hub and it makes sense that you can find the best food franchise in India. The unrivaled culinary discipline makes it profitable for the food industry to flourish in the country.

Now when you think of a food franchise, so many of them would come to your mind. But a profitable food franchise is something that starts with a low investment and profits well with that investment. If you choose something that is both expensive and time-consuming then it ruins the purpose of having a profitable food franchise. Therefore, it is important to understand the basic concepts of setting up a food franchise before you start one.

best food franchise in India

The best food franchise in India is something that started with minimal investments and is now reaping good profits. However, there goes a lot when it comes to establishing a food franchise in which operations are an important part.

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Top Food Franchises in India

When it comes to the top food franchises in India, nothing can beat these giants:

Burger King

One of the largest franchises that started in America has established its dominance in India with its wide variety of selections on the menu. The menu includes:

  • Burgers with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.
  • Wraps
  • Fries
  • Drinks
  • Milkshakes

The cost of setting up the franchise is about 2 to 15 crores in Indian currency but being one of the most popular chains, it profits in millions every year.


One of the most popular food chains that have dominated the market, Subway is a game changer when it comes to presenting economical food options that have delectable flavours. Not only does it have meat, vegetarian, and seafood options, but it has gained the trust of the Health conscious crowd with the variety in its menu.

As one of the most lucrative investment options in the market, you just cannot go wrong in investing in Subway due to it being a major crowd-pleaser food franchise.

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One of the most profitable franchises in India that has a stronghold in the market, KFC is changing games with its crowd-pleasing menu that expands from Burgers, fries, cakes, and meal combos.

The investment to open up a KFC store is close to 50 lakh INR to 2 Cr INR, but the benefits are unparalleled. The store started in 1952 and has a huge market in India as it is one of the most popular places among the Indian audience and stands as one of the best food franchises in India.


If it’s pizza, it’s Domino’s, and that’s the hold this food franchise has in India. From traditional to non-traditional stores, you just cannot go wrong with a Domino’s store that has a variety of delectable pizza options. The cost of starting is about 50 lakh INR, but this is one food franchise that does extremely well with the Indian audience. Since it is so popular, you stand a chance to earn a lot with this franchise.

WOW Momo

WOW Momo has emerged as the ultimate go-to momo brand in India. With the audience’s weakness towards these steamed snacks, momos are very famous within the younger crowd. So starting a franchise and investing in WOW momo is a very smart option for investors if they are looking for profits. From moburgs, to various types of Momos, WOW Momo is excelling in its business and is a great option for investors.

Tibbs Frankie

If you are a fan of Rolls and Frankie and would like to invest in something that offers excellent options like then, then this is your space to invest in. A great benefit of investing in TIBBS is that nor do you need a lot of space to open up a store, nor do you need a lot of money. A patron of food boasting of a menu with amazing Frankie options, you can almost never go wrong investing in Tibbs Frankie.

Dunkin Donuts

For the sweet tooth and the investor in you, Dunkin Donuts can be the piece of donut that is worth investing in. Opening its doors to the Indian audience in 2012, it has a wide variety of Burgers, coffee and an even wider range of Donuts. It is one of the best food franchises in India if you are looking into smaller spaces, but greater options within the sweet tooth community.


If you are looking to invest in the dairy industry, there is nothing better than to invest in Amul. Amul is one of the top food franchises in India and has grown to become one of the largest enterprises since it opened in 1946. Amul allows two types- an Amul outlet and an Amul Ice Cream shop. So investors benefit heavily from it. These options as based on your capital you can invest in the same, and yet, reap the benefits that this established franchise brings you.

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Kathi Junction

If you’re a fan of Kathi rolls, then investing in Kathi Junction can be a smart choice for you. Kathi rolls are a crowd puller and since the menu is selective, you do not need someone who has a wide array of skills to start your business. So this cost-effective franchise helps you in setting up a good business while not investing a lot behind the chefs and space.

Pizza Hut

For pizza lovers, Pizza Hut is yet another food franchise in India that offers excellent options when it comes to pizza. One of the first chains that established itself in the Indian market, Pizza Hut is famous among the younger crowd, making it one of the top food franchises in India worth investing in.


A good business is profitable and has a good margin for profits, but running one is not very easy. Investing in a well-known food franchise is almost a proven way of earning well within a short period of time. These crowd-pullers are great investment opportunities for those who are looking to invest in the food business.

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