Starting a bakery is a common but effective business to establish your own venture. If you have researched or are planning to start a bakery, you might have noticed steps to start a bakery business. But do you know what equipment is needed for a bakery?

To establish a bakery, your products should be delicious, and to ensure you make delicious products, the equipment can make a difference. In addition, there are things that will help you set up a complete bakery with productivity and efficiency. Whether you are planning to establish a home bakery or a full-fledged venture, equipment is crucial.

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equipment needed to start a bakery at home

Understanding the type of bakery equipment will help you make quotations and plan your overall budget. You might plan to rent a commercial kitchen, but some basic equipment is must-have. This guide will help you with all the basic equipment from the baking trays to the IVEPOS bakery POS you need. Let’s find out more:

Baking Equipment & Supporting Equipment

For a bakery business, bakers need some basic equipment to start bakery products depending on your categories. Many bakery Equipment is basic, does not need high maintenance, and are available at affordable cost. However, some bakery equipment can be costly and regularly need maintenance. Let’s find out some common and crucial baking equipment:

  • Measuring tools in different shapes and sizes for accurate measurements of dry and wet ingredients used in baking such as
    • Measuring cup
    • Measuring spoon
    • Oven thermometer
  • Mixing tools to mix dry and wet ingredients. These can be manual or automatic, depending on your budget you can choose either of them. Mixing tools required for baking are:
    • Whisks – French Whisk, Flat Whisk, Spring Whisk
    • Mixing Bowl – Stainless Steel, plastic, and glass mixing bowls
    • Electric mixers
    • Mixing spoons
    • Spatula
  • Preparation tools help in the development of different bakery products such as pastries, cakes, biscuits, and more. For preparing bakery food items, there are basic tools you need:
    • Pastry brush to spread butter, egg wash, oil
    • Baking paper, aluminum foil, wax paper, butter paper
    • Silicone pastry mats
    • Dough cutters, cookie cutters, Pastry cutting.
    • Turnover machine, Rolling pin, doughnut fryer
  • Machines for baking and frying different baking products. These are the key components, which can be expensive, and need regular maintenance. Some of the baking machinery include:
    • Ovens- Conventional ovens, toaster ovens, or you can use a large-capacity microwave oven.
  • Cake decorating equipment such as:
    • Cake boards
    • Cake leveler
    • Cake turntable stand
    • Cake Spatula
    • Piping cones

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Baking Equipment

Storage Equipments, Safety & Supplies

Inventory and storage are important aspects of any business and a bakery is no different. To run a bakery, there are some key storage and safety supplies you need to ensure ingredients, and products are stored efficiently and your employees work safely. In addition, these supplies will also ensure a clean and hygienic environment in a bakery. These are the key safety and storage equipment you need:

  • Freezers and Refrigerators – To freeze and store bakery products, you need walk-In freezers, portable freezers, etc.
  • Shelving – For storage of crucial baking ingredients like flour, sprinklers, sugar, etc.
  • Food bags – For designing cakes, plating, and baking creative cakes, pastries, etc.
  • Safety equipment is required to keep your chefs safe and hygienic. These include:
    • Gloves
    • Aprons
    • Data labels
    • Bar rags
    • First aid kits
    • Food-grade chemical supplies

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home-based bakery

Kitchen Packaging and Display Equipments

To impress their customers, bakery owners need to ensure they keep products in a stylish way. The presentation of your bakery products will tempt people and encourage purchasing. In addition, you need quality packaging for a better experience and to retain a customer. To make your preparation successful and effective, these are some of the packaging and display equipment:

  • Display cases for ready-to-eat or buy baked goods. You can skip these if you are planning for an online bakery. These include:
    • Bread Case
    • Cake stand
    • Display bin
    • Bulk bin
  • The packing material used for bakery products can help you impress your customers and keep your products safe. There are different kinds of bakery product packaging needed such as:
    • Plastic
    • Cardboard
    • Waxed Paper
  • Serving trays, cutlery, trays, etc., if you are planning to add a sitting arrangement in your bakery.

POS Billing Software

POS – Point of Sale Billing Software is another one of the most critical equipment/software essentials you need to run a bakery. Just like any other business, having efficiency in business is helpful and important to succeed. POS software crafted for small and medium businesses by IVEPOS can be helpful for bakery owners. The POS software usage in Bakery includes:

  • Click Billing: You can generate automated and quick bills for your customers. It will help you save time and money during rush hours. In addition, your customer will not have to wait for long to buy bakery goods.
  • Accept payments: You can accept payments in different modes and make your billing and POS system more efficient and effective.
  • Analysis and reports: Analyze your sales and inventory and eliminate unnecessary expenses to increase efficiency.
  • You also receive support from IVEPOS about technical, upgrades, and other queries.

IVEPOS software

Bakery Equipment Needed to Start a Bakery at Home

For pastry and cake lovers who love baking, you can turn your passion into a home-based bakery venture. To establish an online, home-based bakery, you need some equipment to help you. Though many pieces of equipment can be expensive, you can buy their manual and affordable versions. Here is the basic checklist you need to follow for a home-baking venture:

  • Microwave and Oven for baking. If you already have a microwave oven, you can skip this. However, as your business grows, you can increase the capacity of the microwave oven by upgrading it.
  • Refrigerator – Portable or home refrigerator works well for home bakers.
  • Hand or electric mixer: Hand mixers can be tiring, you can buy small but electric mixers.
  • Mixing bowls, spatula, measuring cups, and spoons.
  • Baking pans of different shapes.
  • Storage bins
  • Decorating equipment like pastry bags, fondant rollers, cutters, etc.
  • Proof boxer for yeast dough.
  • Display cases
  • Packaging material
  • IVEPOS Bakery POS software mobile app for billing and efficiency.


Not only for the love of baking but to establish a successful bakery business at home or commercially at a medium scale, you need some equipment. The above-stated equipment is complete basic bakery equipment you need right from preparation to packaging. So, if you are planning to start your bakery business, these are must-have equipment to work. In addition, enhance your efficiency with IVEPOS bakery POS software.