Cloud kitchens, also known as ghost or virtual kitchens, are a relatively new business model that has become increasingly popular in India in the last few years. They are restaurants without a physical dine-in space, instead relying on delivery services to bring their food directly to customers’ doors. Cloud kitchens offer entrepreneurs an affordable way to start their own businesses and serve delicious meals to hungry customers all over the country.

cloud kitchens in India

The top cloud kitchens in India have been instrumental in revolutionizing the food industry in the country by opening up opportunities for small businesses. They have helped budding entrepreneurs gain access to big-city markets without having to pay high rents or build a restaurant from scratch. Furthermore, they provide customers with more options when ordering food online since there is no need for the customer to be physically present at a particular location.

In addition, cloud kitchen operations are often much more efficient than traditional restaurant models due to increased automation of processes due to software like IVEPOS. This allows cloud kitchen owners to focus on providing quality food at competitive prices while increasing profitability and efficiency.

The future of cloud kitchens in India looks promising, with both customers and entrepreneurs reaping the benefits of this innovative business model. This blog takes you through the best cloud kitchens in the country.

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top cloud kitchens in India

Top Cloud Kitchens in India

Biryani By Kilo

Biryani by Kilo is an Indian cloud kitchen chain known for its delicious renditions of traditional biryani. As the name suggests, they serve their signature biryani in kilo portions, making it perfect for sharing with family and friends. It brings fresh, dum-cooked handi biryani to people who like it all over India. Each order is freshly prepared. What’s more? It also has a variety of kebabs, kormas, nihari, and other dishes that leave a strong taste that will leave you satiated, yet have you coming back for more!

Rebel Foods, formerly Fasoos

Rebel Foods began in 2011 as Faasos and is now one of the top cloud kitchens in India. It is the parent company of 11 cloud kitchen companies and has more than 300 cloud kitchen outlets all over the country. It has become one of the leading players in the food-tech space with its innovative approach to delivering food to customers.

Firangi Bake

Firangi Bake is perfect for you if you’re a fan of both Mexican and Italian cuisines. Its menu features a variety of international dishes with strong flavors, from mac and cheese and quesadillas to red sauce pasta and lasagna. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of beverages and desserts to pair with your meal. Minced chicken lasagna and quesadillas are the most popular items on their menu.

Pizza On My Plate (POMP)

Among the many top cloud kitchens in India, Pizza On My Plate (POMP) stands out as a frontrunner due to its commitment to providing customers with hot, freshly made pizzas at their doorstep. POMP’s cutting-edge, delivery-only kitchen model ensures that customers always receive the best pizzas in India. Fresh dough and premium toppings go into each one of their pizzas. Additionally, you can order burgers, pasta, and chips from POMP.


Box8 is an online food ordering and delivery platform in India. It offers meals, snacks, and desserts that are freshly prepared and delivered directly to customers’ homes. The company aims of ‘keeping it desi’ yet offers various international cuisines for you. You can order everything from biryani to wraps and sandwiches to roti-sabzi from Box8.


At LiveAltLife, you can get delicious, therapeutic meals that are also good for your health. One can choose from a wide variety of delicious gourmet dishes. The cloud kitchen has a menu suitable for snacking to a filling meal. You get south Indian, north Indian, continental, Asian, and other international dishes from LiveAltLife.

Oven Story Pizza

Oven Story Pizza is a delicious pizza chain that has established itself in India very swiftly. Using fresh, high-quality ingredients and traditional methods, they make authentic Italian pizzas. Pizza lovers can choose from cheese, pepperoni, tandoori, and more. India has 160 Oven Story Pizza outlets.

Kitchen Karate

Kitchen Karate is ideal for Asian cuisine. They offer a variety of healthy, affordable food that will please everyone in your family. Their impressive menu and great online ordering make it easy to get food delivered to your door. Kung Pao, cream cheese dimsums, etc., are their highly-rated dishes.

SLAY Coffee

SLAY Coffee, which has more than 130 locations in India, specializes in serving gourmet coffees made from scratch. They are packaged in airtight, temperature-controlled containers that keep the coffee’s flavor and aroma intact for a long time. This makes SLAY Coffee one of the top cloud kitchens in India.

Sweet Truth

If you’re looking for some delicious desserts in India, then you should definitely check out Sweet Truth. They have some of the best cloud kitchens in the country, and their desserts are absolutely amazing. From classic cakes to dessert jars, there are many options for you to choose from. And if you’re worried about the quality of their food, don’t be – all of their ingredients are fresh.

Behrouz Biryani

Behrouz Biryani is one of the best cloud kitchens in India. It was founded in 2015 under the umbrella of Rebel Foods by Jaydeep Barman. What sets Behrouz Biryani apart from other Indian restaurants is its focus on authenticity, rooting back to 2000 years to the Persian kingdom of Behrouz. All their ingredients are sourced from the best suppliers, and each dish is prepared with utmost care. The result is a range of mouth-watering biryanis that are sure to please everyone.

Burger In My Box (BIMBo)

BIMBo offers a wide variety of burgers, all of which are made with fresh ingredients, and they promise the most scrumptious taste in each of their dishes. Be it with a classic veggie burger or a special super juicy mutton patty burger; BIMBo will delight you.

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Why do Cloud Kitchens need POS software?

Cloud kitchens need POS software to help them manage their operations more efficiently. A POS system can track orders, process payments, manage employees, and generate detailed reports. It can also be used to monitor inventory levels, provide customer feedback, and do so much more. Additionally, a POS system can help streamline the relay of information.

Why IVEPOS is the best POS software for Cloud Kitchen operators

IVEPOS software

IVEPOS is a comprehensive software solution for restaurant, cafe, and cloud kitchen operators. It offers an array of features designed to simplify operations, save time and increase profits. With IVEPOS, cloud kitchen operators are able to stay organized and maximize efficiency while providing customers with a seamless experience.


This was our list of the best 12 cloud kitchens in India. We have tried to explain what makes each of them special so that the next time you order food from them, you know that you are eating something special. And if you are willing to establish a cloud kitchen of your own, you know why you should turn to IVEPOS software!