How IVEPOS helped Reliable Ice Cream Katta gain a 50% increase in sales

IVEPOS has now reached the streets of Ambegaon in Pune. Reliable Ice Cream Kata founded by Deepak Tupe is the perfect place to please your sweet tooth. Known for their finest quality and diverse flavours, which made them arguably one of the best Ice cream retailers in Ambegaon Budruk.

Upscaling Using IVEPOS

Now a three-year-old business, Reliable Ice Cream Katta had received an overwhelming response from the locals when they started out. This boosted Deepak’s morale to achieve higher goals. One year into the business venture, Reliable Ice Cream Katta opted for the services of IVEPOS. Since then Deepak says that they have seen a 50% increase in sales. He finds the POS software easy to use and convenient for his business.

“I have been using the software for two years now. Everything became easy after that. Using the software we saw excellent growth last year and increased our sales by 50%.”

-Deepak Tupe

Real-Time Reporting and Inventory Management

Imagine if Deepak does not have the knowledge about his own stocks. Which are his top-selling items? What are the top categories that are the most sold? Which raw materials are used the least?

If he has the answers to these questions he would know where exactly to make amends in his business. Managing inventory manually is quite a hassle and prone to natural human errors. IVEPOS provides real-time reporting which gives you detailed analytics on various aspects of your business. Deepak told us that he was able to check all the available stocks and which ones are low at any given time. Having clear data on his inventory helped him plan his future supplies better. Detailed sales reports by items, categories, payment methods, billing and tax were at his fingertips a few clicks away.

The whole purpose of doing this is to save money, energy and time so that the business can perform better and increase sales.

One-Click Billing Model

Reducing wait time can enhance customer experience by providing faster check out. Deepak says the Bluetooth bill printer came in handy for faster billing. His customers experience a quick check out which saves their time. IVEPOS allows you to provide customers with both printed and digital receipts. The bill is customizable to cater to each brand. The software also helps in Accepting multiple currencies and modes of payment helping you appeal to a wider range of customers. Sometimes the smallest things like being able to split the bill quickly makes a huge difference in customer experience. We are here to take care of these tiny details so your customers have no reason to NOT stay happy!

Growth With IVEPOS

Reliable Ice cream Katta saw each day get better with IVEPOS. It has now become a renowned chain of ice cream parlours across the city. With better business management using the software, they were able to increase their sales by 50%. Despite the pandemic, the business was still able to survive. A perfect example of how a POS software can help a business grow and achieve its fullest potential. Just like how we changed Deepak’s business, we wish to reach out to many more. Whether it be a single store or a big enterprise we root for each one of them.