IVEPOS  Point of Sale

ivepos point of sale

    1-Click Billing

    Do faster check-out for customers with a click of a button.


    Accept debit/credit cards from Mswipe, Pinelabs, First data and digital wallets.

    Printed and Digital Receipts

    Give the receipt to customers in a way they prefer: printed or send by sms or email.


    Add item properties like name, price and start making bills easily.


    Organise the items by grouping them as categories and ease the operation.

    Item Variants

    Useful if items come in multiple versions like different sizes and color.


    Configure taxes and apply to the bill or specific items.


    Apply discounts to the bill or specific items.

    Returns & Refunds

    Accept returns and refund the selected item or all items on the receipt.

    Works Offline

    Make sales without internet. All data will be synced once the connection is restored.

    Multi Store Support

    Manage multiple stores under one account. Track your sales, inventory, employees and customers.

    Multi Device Support

    Manage multiple devices under one store.

    Customizable Features

    Billing options, receipt tag, format, business hours and email setup can be configured.

    Secured Data

    All the data is encrypted with 256 bit key and 5 layers of secured protection.


    Supported hardware: receipt printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, weighing scale.

    Wide Range Compatibility

    POS devices: Android mobiles/tablet, sunmi devices, pax devices, mswipe, posiflex.

    Dynamic Product Pricing

    Change item price only for that particular bill.

    Multiple Currencies

    Supported currencies Rupee, Dollar, Euro, Pound and Dinar.

    Easy scanning

    Scan barcodes on items during a sale with built-in rear camera of the device.