IVEPOS Customer Management

customer management

    Build Customer Base

    Add new customer and build your customer base.

    Customer Feedback

    Get feedback from your customer and improve the sales efficiency.

    Pay Later For Customers

    Loyal customers can pay later for their purchase.

    Send Promotions

    Send promotions to your customer by SMS and Email.

    Customer Loyalty

    Configure customer loyalty programs and reward recurring sales.

    Customer Purchase History

    Analyse the customers and their purchase history.

    Customer Credit Ledger Account

    Analyze the number of visits and the customer purchases amount.

    Set Credit Limit

    Configure pay later limit and send notification to customers.

    Wish Birthday

    Wish your customer on their birthday and make them happy.

    Collect Pending Payments

    Collect pay later amount from your customer and register payments.

    Write Off Dues

    Write off dues as discounts and analyse the history and adjust accounts.

    Customer Discounts

    Configure custom discounts for each customer. Reward your loyal customer.

    Cash Out Excess Amount

    Billing options, receipt tag, format, business hours and email setup can be configured.

    Customer Feedback Reports

    Analyze the feedback history and improve the business.

    Import and Export Customers

    Import and export customer data as CSV file.