IVEPOS Inventory Management

inventory management software

Due to the availability of small manpower, inventory management has always been a tricky job for small and medium businesses. Moreover, manual inventory management can often become erroneous. You can digitalize your inventory management by investing in the IVEPOS inventory management system. This Android-based POS application will simplify and accurate inventory management for small and medium businesses. You can check products in stocks anytime and take necessary measures to keep the best-selling products in store. Moreover, the software gives you insights and charts to identify your store’s best and worst selling items. Download IVEPOS from Google Play Store and move your business to digitized inventory management.

    Import Inventory​

    Quickly add thousands of items using the CSV-spreadsheets.

    Inventory Tracking​

    Track the stock of products and their components.

    Inventory History

    Gain insights into the flow of your inventory by viewing each stock indent.

    Stock Transfer​

    Transfer stock between stores or from the warehouse.

    Ingredients Management​

    Manage ingredients and stock. Useful for granular management of items.

    Recipe Mapping​

    Map the ingredients to the item and gain insights.

    Item Cost Estimator​

    Estimate the cost of the goods instantly and sell the items at a margin. Saves time.

    Waste Management

    Gain insights of item wastage. Take necessary action and increase profits.

    Low Stock Alert​

    Get to know about low stock items and reorder.

    Label printing

    Print barcode labels to effortlessly add to items for sales or inventory counts.