Tripty Sweets increased their speed of business process 200% with IVEPOS

Tripty Sweets and Snacks in Whitefield, Bengaluru is one of the leading snacks retailers in the city and they offer a wide variety of tasty and fresh sweets and snacks to suit your taste. Whether it is Nolen Gur Rosogolla, Rajbhog, Sandesh or Baked Rosgulla, Chena Poda or Motichur Laddu are available here. Tripty Sweets and Snacks maintains a different approach from choosing raw materials to finishing products; and quality is checked at every stage with no compromise.

Challenges of Tripty Sweets and Snacks:

As we know, Tripty Sweets and Snacks has to deal with a large number of customers every day. Earlier days they used only paper and pencils for creating bills. Due to this manual process everything was getting delayed and customers are used to tell do fast, especially at peak times. Also, some of the customers used to get angry and go away from the shop. This was directly affected on their business growth. So that, the Tripty Sweets and Snacks was looking for a powerful solution for the following:

  • Avoid manual billing process.

  • Increase business.

  • Faster customer service.

  • Increase customer satisfaction.

Solution by IVEPOS

To overcome these key challenges, Tripty Sweets and Snacks started using IVEPOS Point of Sale (POS) software. IVEPOS is an all-in-one, Point of Sale and management platform for businesses in the food service and retail space. With IVEPOS, Tripty Sweets can manage customers and payments in addition to providing real-time reports and analytics etc.

The Benefits:

The IVEPOS system enables the shop to automate and manage their entire billing process. After starting using IVEPOS, they managed to speed up business operations; now they have…

  • Faster and easy to use interface.

  • 100% switched to digital billing.

  • Fast billing process, at a time 4-5 bills from 1-2 bills. That means business process speed increased 200%.

  • Real-time reports.

  • Happy customers.

  • Business increased 20% to 30% more.

  • Reduces Errors.

Now they are very happy that the IVEPOS software simplifies many of their operations!