When having a coffee shop or a restaurant in India, apart from having a solid business plan, you also need to figure out the name as it will be the face and identity of your business. It will be what your customers see first and recognize your brand.

So, when you are looking for cafe name ideas in India, you have to get them right. Here are certain things you can keep in mind when coming up with unique cafe names in India:

  • Make sure the food and service you are providing are reflected in the name.
  • Make sure your brand name has a personality.
  • Make sure that the name is unique and differentiates you from the competition.

When building a restaurant business or any business for that matter, the customer always first recognizes the name as that is what catches their attention. Let us take a look at the best cafe names in India to see what exactly is trending.

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cafe name ideas in India

49 Best Cafe Names in India That are Unique & Catchy

We will first categorize the unique cafe names in India based on what these names are conveying to us. Let us see unique cafe names in India in 6 different categories.

We start off with those whose names are direct and to the point and related to food.

  • The Breakfast Story
  • The Heat Mexican
  • The Mad Teapot
  • Love & Cheesecake
  • Coco & Basil

Next up, we see the abstract cafe names in India:

  • Raize The Bar
  • Love For Salad
  • One Step Ahead
  • On The Edge
  • Over The Moon

Vegetables and spices and food-based cafe names in India:

  • Tomato’s
  • Olive Bistro
  • Olive Trails
  • Saffron
  • Truffles

Certain unique cafe names in India are given a desi touch such as:

  • Tapri Central
  • Chai Galli
  • Mughal Khaan
  • The Dhaba

Certain best cafe names in India are the best because of their puny, witty, creative touch:

  • Fusilli Reasons
  • Niice Cream
  • I Food You
  • Lo-Cal
  • Oh! Fudge

Alliteration-based cafe names where both the initials are the same:

  • The Sassy Spoon
  • Hungry Head
  • Pind Punjab
  • Fusion Fantasea
  • Lub Lub Lebanese

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cafe name ideas in India

Best Cafe Names in India based on locations

Certain cafe names in India are also purely named after the regional food that they are offering. Some examples of such unique cafe names in India are:

  • Asian Kitchen
  • Cafe Goa
  • Little French House
  • Little Italy
  • Kochi Kitchen
  • Mainland China
  • Manhattan Brewery & Bar Exchange
  • Madras Pavilion
  • Copa Cabana
  • Bombay Vintage
  • Brooklyn Central
  • Dakshinayan
  • Konkan Cafe
  • Ame Gujarati
  • Pind Punjab
  • Rajwadu

Why do you think the naming convention is important when building your own cafe or restaurant business in India? It is because, in the end, the brand name is your biggest asset and identity.

Your customers will recognize you not just through your brand logo or colors but because of the brand name.

If your cafe name or restaurant name is not one that will resonate with the customers or is not catchy enough for them to not think about it twice, chances are, they will not refer it to other people.

When the names are unique, the customers remember and their experience of the restaurant becomes secondary. This is a classic example when it comes to brand recognition. The first touchpoint of a customer is your brand name and when they like it, they are more likely to move forward.

When customers have a good experience and turn into loyal customers, they will spread the word and due to the fact that the first touchpoint is the restaurant name, your other target audience will also be intrigued by hearing it.

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best cafe names in India

How will you name your restaurant?

You just have to follow certain basic rules when deciding on a name for your restaurant business.

What cuisine are you going to serve? Be clear about that first. For example Indian, Continental, Mexican, French, Chinese, Italian, Lebanese, etc. Even in India, there are bifurcations. For example Goan, Gujarati, South Indian, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Marathi, etc.

What is the type of your restaurant? It could be fine dining, street food, pub, bar, brewery, food truck, or even cloud kitchen.

What are your target customers? Couples, working professionals, teenagers, students, families, elders, etc.

Now, when naming your restaurant, you can

Include an action Meat and Eat, Kill My Hunger, Indulge, etc.

Think of a concept Agent Jack’s, Bier Library, The Calorie Kitchen, etc.

Human names Nini’s Kitchen, Mama’s Bakery, Joey’s Pizza, Kristy’s Kitchen, etc.

Animal names are also cool Elephant and Co. The Drunken Monkey, Black Sheep Bistro, etc

Pay tribute to ingredients Truffles, Tomato’s, Cafe Parmesan, etc.

Color it up The Yellow Chili, Red Bistro, Golden Dragon, Green Chillies, etc.

Once you have come up with a unique cafe name that you feel goes with your business’s theme and concept, you have the perfect cafe name ready for your restaurant business.


Cafe names in India are unique and different. The country is huge and there is a restaurant at every nook and corner when you come up with some good cafe name ideas in India, you have to make sure it is original and unique and to the point where your customers love it.

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