Swiggy has reached the top of the market and is still going up. Tying up with excellent online food ordering aggregators has become essential for all restaurants. It’s time for your restaurant to partner with Swiggy and enjoy your increased sales.

However, if you don’t know how to tie up with Swiggy, this article has everything you will need to learn about Swiggy partner programs.

How do Swiggy Partner Systems work?

Swiggy plays an important role in filling the gap between restaurants or takeaways and their customers. The partner system works on a dual-partnership model. When a customer orders from a Swiggy app, Swiggy will know and tell the restaurant. Restaurants have to accept the order and start preparing it. An employee from Swiggy will pick up the order from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep.

how to tie up with swiggy

The step-by-step registration process for partnering with Swiggy

These steps help you understand how to tie up a restaurant with Swiggy, including:

Step 1 – Visit the official website of Swiggy and click on the “Partner with us’ link at the footer of the screen. You can also visit the page using this link: https://www.swiggy.com/partner-with-us/.

Step 2 – Once you open the page, you will find a form asking for basic details such as your restaurant’s name, state, designation, contact number, and pin code. Fill in all the basic details correctly.

Step 3 – Submit your application by clicking on the “Submit” box at the bottom of the screen. It will send your application for further processing.

Step 4 – In this step, you must fill out a detailed form and upload some documents. You will need this information, including the primary area of your restaurant, the number of outlets, the website or online listing link, the typical cost for 2, and the type of cuisine. You must upload the following documents, including your FSSAI license, shop license, and PAN details.

Step 5 – For the next step, you will need the following documents: an image of your menu and food items, a canceled cheque or passbook, and a takeaway bill. Upload these documents for further processing.

Step 6 – After submitting the detailed form, you will receive a call or mail regarding the partnership agreement from a representative from Swiggy.

Step 7 – In the last step, you must wait for a confirmation notification. You may receive it shortly after submitting the detailed form via phone call or mail.

Start accepting orders immediately after partnering with Swiggy.

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What are the things that you should know before tying up with Swiggy?

Before partnering with Swiggy, you should know its origin and goals to make better decisions. Swiggy is a delivery-based start-up whose business model is B2C and B2B.

Swiggy is a leading online food delivery aggregator because its goals align perfectly with those of restaurants. Swiggy prefers savvy marketing, which helps attract the attention of all customers and restaurants. The online food order aggregators charge a % commission on each order, which benefits both the restaurant and Swiggy.

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how to connect restaurant with swiggy

Documents required for the registration process

When expanding your restaurant business online, choosing the right online food order aggregator is important. Most restaurant owners don’t know about the registration process for partnering with Swiggy. Legal documents are required to keep your business safe. Restaurants that provide contact information and their menu get more customers as it helps build trust between you and them.

Some documents you have to upload during the registration process to connect with Swiggy include:

● PAN Card

● Shop License

● Tax Details

● FSSAI Registration Certificate

● Proof of GST Registration Certificate

● Details of owner’s

● One Cancelled Cheque

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Why choose Swiggy Partner Program?

Swiggy doesn’t charge any fee for getting your restaurant listed on their site or app. However, Swiggy gets a small number of profits on each order placed via Swiggy. Swiggy offers its customers flexible payment gateways. Customers can pay using a debit card, credit card, wallet, or other payment modes.

Swiggy is home to thousands of restaurants that attract lots of customers. It helps your business become more visible to new customers.

Advantages of partnering your restaurant or takeaway with Swiggy

Assure Quality of Service

Swiggy primarily focuses on delivering the highest quality of service. Swiggy ensures that its customers enjoy a friendly experience on its site or app. It uses advanced analytics, which helps estimate the delivery time and delivers the order or packages on time in a well-mannered way. It offers a sense of reassurance to the customer by providing discounts and special offers on dishes.

Reduce operational cost

Restaurants can save money on advertising and delivery since Swiggy takes care of them. You can now increase the size of the kitchen and stuff instead of hiring delivery employees. It also provides the restaurant with customer data, saving time in finding new potential customers.

Reviews and ratings

An online food order aggregator’s reviews and ratings are the best benefits they can offer. It helps customers to know better about your restaurants, such as quality, taste, times, quantity, food, and packaging. A high rating and good reviews make your restaurant more attractive.

Ease of delivery

Delivering food on your own is a challenging process for a restaurant. However, a good delivery partnership can reduce the work. Swiggy offers excellent delivery agents and streamlines the process. They ensure that the food is delivered in minimal time with utmost efficiency.

Increase the number of online customers

Smartphones make ordering food online a lot easier. Swiggy is the platform that gets a lot of traffic, which is good for your restaurant. It also increases the chance of huge traffic to the foods listed on their platform.

Wrapping up

Now, you know why and how to connect restaurants with Swiggy and get your business online. Bring all the necessary documents together and complete the legal requirements in the Swiggy partner registration process. Let more people find your restaurant’s food on their smartphones.