Technology has helped a lot to evolve the organization through rapid innovation. This has surely added wings to the industries. This is why they can grow at scale with speed. Thus, it is an opportunity for the business owner to leverage the best of technology to offer a wow experience to the customers.

integrate your business with IVEPOS

Every business wants to grow its sales but increasing competition has led to a challenge for existing businesses as well as newcomers. But the question is how to solve this problem. The answer is simple, businesses can retain their customers through consistent innovation and implementation of new technologies. IVEPOS is one of them revolutionizing the overall modern sales management process with its easy-to-manage software.


IVEPOS is one point-of-sale system powered by AI and works on cloud mechanisms. It allows users to handle inventory management, cash management, CRM, micro-inventory, in-store marketing, GST ready, and many more.

Now let’s have a look at how integrating IVEPOS helps a business find its potential customers as well as retain the existing customers:

Pros of IVEPOS:

Easy Accounting:

Accounting transactions and managing accounts are made super easy with the all-new advanced IVEPOS. This way you can track the business operation without any hassle.

Power of Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing is the new norm. Every business is moving to the cloud nowadays. So, if you are one who wants to scale your business, you are at the right place integrating with IVEPOS. It boosts overall efficiency with reduced IT costs and safer data management.

All-in-one CRM:

The customer is the king. IVEPOS allows you to schedule emails and handle customer queries instantly. Business owners (retailers and restaurants) can also keep track of their sales with vendor management tools.

Inventory Management:

Never get your item out of stock. IVEPOS can instantly show the notification and updates about the consumed item and thus your customer returned never empty-handed.

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Payment Handling:

It works in multi-currency. Track & secure payments with POS invoicing with multiple payment options like a credit card, debit card, and net banking. Also, receive an email and SMS alert for every transaction.

Powerful Admin Dashboard:

In the Dashboard section, the owner can watch all the ongoing processes in one place with a suggestion for quick action. Manage your invoices and payments, returns, refunds and store credits, employee management, and order management at one click of a button.

So, this was all about the benefits that IVEPOS offers. But certainly, one thing that technology companies must follow is to adopt the constant process of Innovation to offer a smooth user experience. IVEPOS team is working hard to bring new features in its updated version.
See, the improvement is a continuous process and Intuition software is consistently working to bring more features while fixing some of the minor challenges over time. So, overall users must give it a try watching its immense features to boost their business and make the sales more fun and smooth practice.