IVEPOS recently received two awards from CompareCamp: the Rising Star of 2019 Award and the Great User Experience Award. It won two awards and outshined all currently available expert-reviewed POS software in the market.

CompareCamp is the leading authority when it comes to SaaS reviews and trending technology news. Its group of industry experts conducts solid reviews of available software in the market. CompareCamp provides its readers with transparent insights, credible valuations, efficiency scoring, and over-all app benefits that help in the making of intelligent business decisions.

IVEPOS received the Great User Experience Award because experts were impressed with the precision and accuracy of its accounting and billing tools. Partnered with its centralized dashboard that can seamlessly handle payment processing, inventory checking, invoice management, and even waste management, IVEPOS was hailed as a tough POS software to beat. These scalable tools enabled optimum convenience, compelling CompareCamp experts to award IVEPOS with the Great User Experience Award.

IVEPOS also received the Rising Star of 2019 Award for being the favorite POS software among CompareCamp readers. IVEPOS received the most number of good reviews and shining recommendations from CompareCamp readers. CompareCamp users raved over IVEPOS tools that made tax management significantly easier and enabled multi-store management.

You may visit CompareCamp to read the full review of IVEPOS tools and features.