We all remember 2020, the year the world permanently changed for the business owners. Restaurants were allowed to operate after a point but faced severe challenges. The problems varied from delivering POS solutions to employee management, cooking instructions management, and actual profit calculation.

IVEPOS was already one of the brightest jewels in the POS market, specializing in restaurants and retail. In the Covid-era, it became the transformation and growth tool for businesses.

how IVEPOS is helping transform restaurant businesses


Let’s check out how IVEPOS has been transforming restaurant businesses below:

1. Featured Restaurant Benefits

Among the multitude of features for the restaurants include:

Table management, including table merging requests and taking orders for the waiting list, are also vital features for restaurants. Online orders and kitchen order tickets are other restaurant-specific features in IVEPOS.

2. Simpler UX

A clean user interface and a simplified user experience are critical to any POS products in today’s business. It becomes even more vital to an industry where the quantities can be very high. While POS for restaurants and food chains existed, they weren’t this easy to use. A simpler UX also helps in handing over the billing counter to different people and reducing the training cost. During the rush time, multiple bill desks are possible, too, especially for more prominent outlets.

3. One-click Bill with Easy Payments

It is essential to provide options for the customers regarding payments while making the process quick and breezy. IVEPOS incorporates digital and physical payments together, with credit/debit card and wallet options combined.

4. Easy to Manage Menu

The menu management starts with categories, just like the contemporary menu design. The items include names and pricing. There’s also an option for item variants, helping define the possibilities, like veg or non-veg, in case of combos. Everything is designed to simplify the menu and billing, especially for those with a vast menu.


5. Hardware Support

A restaurant works with hardware tools, including a cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner (especially for packed foods/beverages), and weighing scale. IVEPOS connects them to a single system, helping automate the process and removing chances of human errors in calculations. It also helps in allowing flexibility in the menu and payment methods.

6. Taxation & Discounts

The bills contain automated tax entries. This feature makes billing easier for both the customers and the restaurant owners. Taxation and filing are instantly simplified. Similar is the case of discounts. Applying discounts and taxes can be difficult, especially during rush hour. IVEPOS automates everything so that restaurants can focus on their most important job: making delicious food and beverages.

7. Multi-store Multi-device Support

The larger restaurants and restaurant chains want a unified solution to their billing problems. IVEPOS helps unify the billing, as with a single account, you can manage multiple stores. Even within a single store, you can set up various devices, easing the billing process.

8. Superior Inventory Management

The essential features of IVEPOS that can help restaurants are in their inventory. Unlike in retail, here, ingredient management is also included. Hence, restaurants can track their ingredients and inventory of packed foods and beverages. They can also map the ingredients to the respective recipes. This helps in cost estimation. Restaurants can even do waste management via improved insights, which can be acted upon.

IVEPOS has helped transform the entire restaurant management process. Increasing profits and decreasing wastage of time and resources is the primary reason for using IVEPOS, apart from the ease of use and the plethora of restaurant management features.