Have you ever wondered, “Do restaurant promotion ideas actually work?“.

Well, to be honest, if done correctly, they can work like a charm. In this post, we will walk you through 6 of the best restaurant marketing ideas in India that have proven to attract customers.

Almost everyone likes offers or deals, especially if these offers are happening on your favorite food items or restaurants. Nowadays we can see different types of offers and deals running in most restaurants. This kind of promotion is a type of marketing strategy that is encouraging customers to visit the restaurants within a specific period of time through various offers or rewards.

Promotion Ideas

6 Exclusive Restaurant Promotion Ideas

Here are some promotional ideas that can help you decide which type of promotion is right for your restaurant business.

Weekend or holiday promotions:

Usually, everyone likes to go out on weekends or holidays. So, if you can conduct promotions on the weekend or holidays at your restaurants then it will attract everyone. If you can conduct these kinds of promotions every week, you can generate extra sales and acquire new customers easily.

Weekday special promotions

To attract customers on weekdays, restaurant owners can conduct a weekday promotion. In this promotion, they can promote particular food items on each day like Pizza Monday, Thali Tuesday, Burger Wednesday, etc.

Buy One Get One type promotion

One of the most common and popular forms of restaurant promotion type is, buy one, get one free. Because customers perceive free stuff to be more valuable than discounts. This type of promotion will attract families because they always need to pay only half of the actual expense.

Combo meals offer

A combo means two or more regular food items sold together as a combination for a special price. For example, a chicken burger with French fries and a soft drink would be a set meal. Restaurant owners can include high-performing items and low-performing items also sold together at an attractive price during this combo offer.

Vouchers and loyalty programs

Vouchers and loyalty programs are similar to giving discounts. Vouchers and loyalty programs are encouraging customers to visit their favorite restaurants again and again.

Free delivery

Offering free delivery is a great way to boost your restaurant business and it makes customers feel like they are getting a good deal. When free delivery offers to include a minimum purchase threshold — like Rs.250 or Rs.500 — some customers will add more food items to their list to receive something for free, especially free delivery.

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