Which one is better? traditional POS or cloud-based POS? While starting a restaurant or retail business, everyone faces this issue. So, now we can discuss details about this.

Traditional POS vs Cloud-based POS

Traditional POS

In the traditional POS system, you are saving all the data into the local system or server itself. The traditional POS system is also known as a legacy POS system.

Advantages of traditional POS

1) Work Offline: In the traditional POS system, you are saving data to the local system or server. So, you don’t want an internet connection.

2) One-time payment: Another advantage of the traditional POS system is a one-time payment.

Disadvantages of traditional POS

1) Data security: The main disadvantage of the traditional push system is data security. Because here you are saving data to a local server or system itself so the chances are very high of data lost if any virus attack or system failure happens.

2) Software integration: Most traditional POS systems is using old technologies, and due to that you can’t integrate with the new software always. Also, the traditional POS system runs on fixed or heavy hardware and it’s not mobile-friendly. Traditional POS system hardware costs are also heavy.

3) Data backup: Need frequent data backup is required for the traditional POS system to avoid data loss.

4) Software support: As it is offline software, in the future, if you require any technical support then you need to wait till the software providers reach your store and fix it.

5) Hardware cost: The traditional POS system requires a high upfront cost and it requires installation fees. Also, you need to pay monthly/annual maintenance costs if required.

Cloud-based POS

Cloud-based POS process all your data online and stores it on remote servers. As it saves data on the cloud, you can work or access it from anywhere.

Advantages of cloud-based POS

1) Data security: The main advantage of cloud-based POS is data security because here saves data on remote servers. So, if anything happens on your physical system, your data will be safe in the cloud.

2) Real-time software updates: If you use a cloud-based POS system, then you can update the software online. So, you will get the latest POS features easily.

3) Remote access: As we discussed, a cloud-based system saves data on the cloud, so you can easily access or start working from anywhere. This feature allows store owners or managers can check the real-time statistics about the store from anywhere.

4) Software integration: The cloud-based system is based on modern technology, and due to that you can integrate with the new software or services. So, you can use loyalty programs, accounting software, CRM, inventory management, vendor management, online ordering, different type of payment methods, etc. in a single platform.

5) Device friendly: Another important advantage of cloud-based POS is, you can use it on a mobile or a tablet. It is very helpful for the restaurant industry because staff can easily take each table order with help of a mobile or tablet.

The Disadvantage of cloud-based POS

1) Internet connection: Most of the cloud-based POS systems work offline too, it will save data in the cache and whenever you are back online it will update it. But you need an internet connection for all features to work like payments, data download, online orders, etc.

Which one is better?

If you are looking for a Point of Sale system for your restaurant or retail store, then you can choose a cloud-based system as the best option. Cloud-based POS allows fast data transfer when comparing traditional POS.


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