According to the Search Engine Journal, around 54% of the world’s population has social media accounts. Facebook is the leading social media platform worldwide, and other popular platforms are YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Notably, both Instagram and WhatsApp are now owned by Facebook. In such a scenario, one cannot think about running a digital marketing campaign without ignoring Facebook and Instagram.

Profitable ad campaign
Anyone can run paid campaigns on these two platforms, though running a campaign does not guarantee success. In most cases, people become unsuccessful due to certain mistakes. Knowing the step-by-step process for running digital marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram can help you to optimize the result. In the following section, find a few crucial tips in this regard.


Know Your Marketing Objectives

Marketing without having any goals will not lead you anywhere. You need to set your goals and plan strategies to reach those goals. Developing strategies depends on the objectives that the marketers have taken into consideration. Broadly, marketers have three types of objectives for their social media campaigns.

  • Conversion: One of the commonest business marketing objectives is converting the visitors into the buyers. In such cases, the campaign needs to be planned to find potential buyers for a product or service and convert the prospect into a buyer.

  • Consideration: In consideration, the marketer does not ask the social media users to buy anything directly. It would help encourage social media users to visit a website and explore the products or services.

  • Awareness: Sometimes, the objective of a marketing campaign is spreading awareness. Non-profit organizations often run such marketing campaigns on social media. However, profitable organizations may also have an awareness objective.

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Know Your Audiences

The second crucial thing is to know the audiences on social media. Today, Facebook is a global platform, and finding the target audience for your marketing campaign can be challenging. Therefore, you need a systematic approach to recognizing your audiences.

  • Age: You need to develop content according to the target audience’s age. Therefore, age is the most crucial factor.

  • Location: Do you want to target a specific location? Do you expect target audiences from a specific location? Location is a crucial factor for crafting content and running social media campaigns.

  • Gender: Is your product gender-specific? In such cases, you need to plan a campaign keeping a particular gender in mind.

  • Language: In a digital marketing campaign, language has a key role to play. Using the local language helps connect to people easily. Moreover, it develops an emotional connection with the business prospects on social media.

Develop Different Types of Content

In digital marketing, success comes with the quality of content. If your content is good, people will easily be attracted. As a result, your marketing campaign will become successful. However, developing content depends on the nature of the social media platform. For example, you can run a digital marketing campaign on YouTube with videos only.

Facebook, the second-largest downloaded application after TikTok, is suitable for creating and sharing different types of content. You can use small text-based content as micro-blogs for this platform. Alternatively, you can use videos and images for Facebook marketing. A similar strategy applies to Instagram, though text-based content is unsuitable for Instagram.

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Video Advertisement Duration

If you develop promotional videos, you need to be careful with the duration. A long video will not work for product promotion, as people do not have all day to watch a promotional video. You need to craft short and attention-grabbing videos to magnetize the buyers.

According to a market survey conducted by WYZOwl, around 86% of digital marketers have claimed that videos helped them find more leads. Moreover, 91% of the marketers have remarked that videos helped create brand awareness. Finally, the same survey reveals that videos have helped businesses reduce support calls by 49%.

Therefore, video marketing should be an integral part of your digital marketing campaign. However, crafting video advertisements with precision is essential to derive sustainable business benefits.

So, these are some crucial things that you should know about digital marketing. Today, running digital marketing has become more strategic due to the rising competition. Besides developing unique content, you need to run the campaign with tactful ideas.