Ice Creams are loved across the globe for their universal flavors and unique taste. You might find an ice cream vendor at every other corner of your area. If not, you will surely find an ice cream shop near your area. This indicates the love and popularity of ice creams across the globe. In addition to love, the ice cream market in India and the globe is huge.

There are many big players known for their unique ice cream flavors. Flavors, taste, customer services, and marketing make these brands stand out. Ask anyone in India about Ice cream, they will have a flavor and brand in mind. These brands offer franchises as well as establish their own stores.

best ice cream franchise in india

So, let’s find out some big brands that attract Indian customers:

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Top Ice Cream franchises in India

Amul Ice Cream

Amul is world known for many reasons and one of them is ice cream. Started in 1996, Amul ice cream became a significant and dominant brand in India. Especially in north and west India. Amul offers basic as well as innovative flavors in the market. Their franchise is known for several reasons such as:

  • Affordability: Amul Ice Cream is known as one of the most affordable brands in India. Their Ice creams are easily affordable for the middle-class or average Indian.
  • Trusted: Amul is a trusted brand not only for ice cream but also for other dairy products. The dairy giant has built its reputation in large Indian households.
  • Quality: Amul offers Quality at a lower price which attracts people. Thus, franchise owners show interest in Amul Ice Cream.

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is a well-known brand globally, over the years they are known for their innovative ice cream flavors. For an average Indian buying baskin robbins every other day might not be possible, but once in a while, it’s common for them. Buskin Robbins has its franchise in 150+ cities in India due to its popularity and other reasons such as:

  • Premium Audience: The franchise targets a premium audience who is ready to invest money in premium quality ice creams.
  • International standards of quality: When it comes to quality, baskin robbins offers international standards. Their quality in flavors and the complete product is what makes them stand out.
  • Urban and Metro City Franchise: Buskin Robbins franchise is more suitable for urban cities and metro cities, you will find one or two franchises in these cities. However, you might not find Baskin-Robbin in low-end cities.

Kwality Walls

Kwality Walls is part of Hindustan Unilever FMCG company. The franchise is known for its affordability, availability, and suitability in almost all cities of India. They are known for their unique range including cornetto, magnum, paddle pop, and more. The best part is, they have developed products for different age groups. Apart from these, here are some benefits that make them best:

  • Affordability: They are affordable for the average Indian. The products like magnum are designed to give the feel of premium products at an affordable range.
  • Range of flavors: Kwality walls have a range of flavors for all age groups that attract an audience or customers in-store.
  • Popular: Kwality walls have developed their name in the country. So, you can find their franchises in every other city.

Vadilal Icecream

Vadilal Ice Cream franchise have their own legacy, they are well-known names in the ice cream category. You can find Vadilal even in remote locations of the country making it a loved and accessible brand. In addition, Vadilal also has premium ice cream franchises or shops under the name “Now Forever”. Here are some of the reasons that make Vadilal ice cream known as a brand:

  • Combination of national and international flavors: Vadilal ice cream has a delicious combination of national and international flavors to attract an audience.
  • Affordable and premium range: Vadilal ice cream offers affordable ice creams across India. In addition, they also own premium ice cream shops to cater to different audiences.
  • Trusted Worthy: Vadilal’s name has been trusted over the years, they have made their own legacy in the market.


Giani’s has a strong network of franchises and ice creams across the country. They are known for their rich and luxurious flavors. Giani’s give nostalgic value to its customers, their franchise can offer a range of benefits due:

  • Consumer loyalty: Giani’s is known for boasting its loyal customer base.
  • Premium range: Giani’s offers a premium and quality range of ice creams to its customers. Franchises cater to both the average audience and premium ice cream lovers.

Gelato Vinto

Gelato Vinto, an Italian ice cream brand, is a gelato shop that is the first in India. They have more than 40 shops across the country. However, it’s a unique concept, so it’s growing at its pace. Here are some of the reasons that make Gelato Vinto best:

  • Unique concept: Gelato Vinto is a new concept in the Indian market. So, it’s rapidly gaining popularity. Their unique Gelato concept makes them stand out.
  • Italian ice cream brand

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